Social Media Marketing


Through our insight driven, ROI focused, and results oriented strategies, we make SMM work more effectively for our clients. In other words, we increase our clients’ bottom line and drive higher roi campaigns.

Unlike the other guys, we focus on driving conversions and not just traffic.  We track all data, properly analyze it, provide actionable insights, and execute the necessary strategy to continue to drive better results. All of our strategies have human intelligence behind them which is key to our clients’ success. We take our time to learn about your business, understand goals, learn about competitors, and analyze any and all data necessary to ensure we have everything we need to get results. Our team truly goes the extra mile to see if we are a good fit prior to starting a relationship.


Platforms we utilize for client growth: 

New to Social media marketing or disappointed with your current smm results?


How we hit the ground running:

  1. Brand/Business Research: Every business is unique! Out of the box marketing strategies do not work. We like to truly learn about the brands we work with. It helps us drive better performance and a higher ROI. 
  2. Market/Audience Analysis: We analyze the market and what platforms and advertising methods make the most sense for your business and goals. Audience selection and targeting is an extremely important factor in SMM Campaigns and we spend time figuring out the best audiences to target and how we can set ourselves up for success and scalability from the get go. 
  3. Roadmap Creation: Every project needs a roadmap that includes a timeline, plan of attack, marketing opportunities, and benchmarks. This is our first full team meeting of many! We believe in open lines of communication (not once or twice a month meetings). 
  4. Campaign Launch: Now for the fun stuff! We setup and launch the campaigns. When starting off, we ease into the budget and spend while constantly keeping a close eye to performance and our benchmarks. We start to scale the campaigns when we see results that we feel are sustainable. 
  5. Optimization: Setting and forgetting a campaign is just downright stupid. Every day we check campaigns to keep a close eye on performance. We turn elements that aren't working off and turn up the ones that are working. 
  6. Remarketing: Bringing users back to the site via targeted remarketing campaigns is just as (if not more) important than outreach programs. A concentrated effort to drive repeat visitors is where we really shine and help drive a high ROI campaign.
  7. Improving performance across the board: Social Media Marketing is only one piece of the puzzle. Are visitors converting when they hit the site? Are people abandoning a cart or form? We believe in optimizing the whole funnel as it's key to maximize your ad spend.