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Building a successful brand isn’t an overnight process. At Grwthco, we pride ourselves on focusing on the most important aspects of your brand and starting from the ground up, with you and your customers as the framework. Our simple 4 step process of really digging into your brands market influence, values, voice, and vision to build a lasting and successful brand for your business we believe, is the key to your success.

Assessment -  Understanding a business and it’s market enables our team to create best-in-class branding. In this phase, we create mood boards, color and logo inspiration, competitor analysis, and perform demographic research.

Collaboration - We really dig into your brands needs and goals and aim to pinpoint your culture finding it’s market influence, values, voice, and vision. 

Creation - The design process. We work closely with you in creating your brands new logos, color palettes, guidelines, and other collateral. At this stage, we provide a first pass at the new branding and we work together (no limit to revisions) to make it perfect! 

Implementation - Boom! We release your new brand to the world! 


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