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Company Wide Audit

A Mystery Shopper Program for SAAS and Enterprise Companies

Stop hoping your ideal customers find you, and start pursuing them as markets of one.

For B2B executives, there’s really only one place to team up to drive revenue – optimizing the funnel. For SaaS or other digital/internet-first B2B companies, the funnel is how you get an anonymous user to visit your website to convert into a customer for your product or service.

We pose as leads and audit everything from advertising strategies to sales tactics and product demos. Our goal is to identify areas for improvement so that the business can optimize it’s sales funnel and get more out of corporate strategies.

How it Works?

What we audit in the sales funnel and customer journey


First Impression

Advertising & Digital Marketing Strategy


First Touch

Website Design, Branding/Creative, Content


First Contact

Sales Response Time, Email Marketing, Sales Messaging


Sales Cycle

Sales Techniques, Demos, Contact Methods/Frequency


New Customer

Deal signed, Quote, Contract

Across B2B and B2C, from e-commerce to lead generation, GRWTHCO works with companies of all sizes to boost your ROI through our conversion-driven paid media strategy.