Target Based Marketing


Why consider target based marketing? 

Traditionally, B2B companies have invested their resources, especially in sales and marketing across different areas where an immediate opportunity might be present. However, they fail to realize that 80% of revenues come from just 20% of their customers/prospects.

Due to lack of sales and marketing alignment and a wide spread focus, revenue generation and converting leads from larger accounts becomes a challenge. Target Based Marketing solves this problem by helping sales and marketing focus on a set goal, target specific accounts and plan the right campaigns.


How we execute TBM:

  1. Discovery: Every Marketing and Sales Department is different! We take the time to learn about each department and how they work together. Analyzing past marketing strategies/results and identifying the shortcomings with previous sales and marketing campaigns is a critical step in understanding how the TBM campaigns can be structured to optimize results and increase sales closure ratios. 
  2. Target Account & Persona Selection: Upon gathering essential information about the company, we are able to work work with sales & marketing to develop a list of target accounts. Taking it one step further, we identify the ideal buyer personas and decision makers that we can target to drive high quality leads. 
  3. Messaging: Strong sales and marketing alignment is key for TBM! We work with both teams to develop a plan of attack that everyone is on board with and ready to execute. Creating content that aligns with the messaging helps drive higher conversion and engagement rates! 
  4. Campaign Launch: Now for the fun stuff! We setup and launch the campaigns. When starting off, we ease into the budget and spend while constantly keeping a close eye to performance and our benchmarks. We start to scale the campaigns when we see results that we feel are sustainable. It's important with TBM to not overwhelm a sales teams limitations! While marketing, we keep a close eye on bandwidth to ensure all leads are followed up on in a timely fashion. 
  5. Lead Nurturing: Gaining interest from an TBM prospect takes time. You are creating a requirement for them rather than the prospect coming to you with a need. This means you have to nurture the prospect for several days or months until the right opportunity is opened and you are the first person they reach out to. 
  6. Conversion/Sales Closure: Unlike a traditional sales process where you have an immediate requirement, TBM takes time but it’s worth the wait. During the lead nurturing process, your prospect may show an interest to sign you up to solve their challenge. Since you are the only company that has ever engaged with them closely, understand their challenges and know what solution works for them, your chances of closing the deal are 99.99% and we will help you get there.